Team Members


Daniel Turner

Operations Manager

With much of his youth spent in the field working numerous construction trades throughout the Midwest, Dan’s undergraduate studies in Construction Management at OSU eventually led him toward management-level positions. In his thirty-five years of experience, Dan has worked in mortgage banking as a National Account Manager, a Project Manager for high-end residential and multi-family developments, and as a Site Superintendent for custom residential, TI and boutique commercial projects throughout Southern California. A virtual walking encyclopedia, Dan’s ability to source, implement, design and problem-solve are unparalleled. Not only is Dan the backbone of Dirty Girl Construction’s safety and field operations, he is valuable resource and interface for Dirty Girl’s development and investment clients.

Having worked within throwing distance from one another’s builds for nearly a decade, Dan and Joan finally met through a mutual friend and, after discovering they are cut from the same cloth, set forth creating a relationship that both enhanced and expanded the culture of the company. During Dan’s free time, he fancies listening to vinyl records, restoring antique electronics and corralling his three dogs, cat and school of tropical fish. 


Ari Horn

Structural Supervisor

A native Venetian and fourth-generation Los Angeleño, Ari has been working in the construction industry for over thirty years. After cutting his teeth on all trades under the guidance of his father, he attended UCSD and graduated with a BS in Physics in Applied Mathematics and Engineering Sciences and a BA in Psychology in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences, with a minor in Visual Arts. During his post-graduate work at UCLA to further study Engineering, Ari took over the family business. Carrying B, C10 and HIC licenses since 1996, Ari ran a highly successful construction company with a focus on foundation and framing for the next twenty years, which further honed his understanding of applied structural and civil engineering practices.

Following years of working as a subcontractor for Dirty Girl Construction, Ari decided to join the team in the role of Structural Supervisor. During his free time, Ari enjoys golfing, reading and spending time with his wife, son and two dogs. Ari is currently the tallest Dirty Girl in the company.