Art Consultation and Installation

Interior Design

Custom Furnishings

Specializing in integrating art into the home, our carefully selected cadre of associates pull from a broad scope of knowledge, experience and resources to offer a choate design and installation process for fine art, bespoke furniture, delicate vintage and antique pieces. As designers and builders, we understand the small motions that contribute to a piece living on a wall, as opposed to hanging on it. We work to incorporate our client’s existing works into their environment while also introducing and integrating newly found pieces, thus creating spaces where art, interior, and architecture compliment and support one another in a distinct, comprehensive and embracing collective.

To ensure fluidity, our in-house interior designers are involved in the process from the onset of any project. The coordination of our team, from concept and fabrication to installation, equips us to better anticipate roadblocks and practice thoughtful design. We endeavor to construct harmonious spaces that not only imbue the client’s personality and routine into their home, but engage in storytelling and aesthetic care.

From Milan to New York to Los Angeles, we work with an extensive sphere of designers and fabricators. As a part of our design-build process we search for the perfect fixtures, finishes and furnishings, analyzing both on-market and custom fabricated pieces that best communicate design intent and project budget. With our holistic process, we join the build and design in a symbiotic exchange, allowing each client to specifically express personalized style throughout their surroundings.