What Our Clients Say


"When we bought our first house back in 2008 it was relatively move-in ready, had good bones and a great location and large back yard. There weren't any major repairs needed. We knew that eventually once we could afford it we would update the linoleum kitchen floors, old kitchen cabinets and a few other things. Ever since first stepping foot inside the house we had a vision to create a master bedroom, expand back powder room to full bath and knock down a wall or two to get better use of the overall space. 

Over time we met with multiple architects to see how we could transform this vision to reality and we were very lucky to have worked with JoanBarton and her fantastic team at Dirty Girl Construction. DGC not only made all of our dreams a reality, they took our vision and needs to a level that surpassed all expectations and we couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship, personal touch and overall experience. How many first time renovators can say that?! We will be using DGC for all our future design and construction needs. Thank you for transforming our house into the home we've always envisioned."

Raphaella and Tim Steudler

"Let's face it, there is no one like Joan Barton!  She gets the job done, not only on time, but constantly exceeds quality expectations.  This is my third renovation with Joan (both residential and commercial spaces) and I could not be happier. Her crews are organized and talented, her sites are impeccably clean and everything proceeds according to her very carefully mapped out plan.  I can't say enough about Dirty Girl Construction.  I look forward to our next project together!"

KP, Santa Monica

"I could write a book about Joan Barton. Someone should write a book about Joan Barton. Surely it would be easier than attempting to encapsulate a portrait of her into a brief testimonial.  

I hired Joan and Dirty Girl Construction during a very difficult time in my life; the passing of my parents within months of one another. Tasked with the emotional weight of that time, the physical obligations were too much for me to handle, including the remodel and sale of my childhood home. A friend of mine had gone through a similar situation the year prior, and she had hired Dirty Girl Construction. On high recommendation, I did the same. I had no true concept of whom I had just hired, but what a Godsend! Like Noah parting the Red Sea, Joan showed up and performed absolute miracles. The remodel she did was tremendous. Her ability to envision and execute is beyond measure. Joan is a true artist and I know of no greater team of tradespeople than Dirty Girl Construction. They are solution-based, communicative, budget-conscious, prompt and friendly. I honestly didn't know that we were under construction most of the time because they are so incredibly clean. And, often times, I was able to forget the great strain I was under because of the simple acts of kindness that Joan and her team perform on a daily basis. 

I cannot recommend Joan more highly than to say it is an honor to know her and a true pleasure to have worked with Dirty Girl Construction."

RT, Sherman Oaks

"After years of dealing with shoddy contractors who disappear after the check’s cut, working with Joan and her team was an amazing experience. Not only were they a friendly, fun team to have (basically living) at our house, their work was fast, high quality and sensitive to budget concerns. Everything was clearly stated, every change order discussed logically and, if an issue arose, she was there to ensure things were handled quickly and without attitude. And when an unrelated item needed work at 10pm on a Sunday, Joan was an invaluable resource to get someone trustworthy out within an hour."

AB, Hollywood Hills

"Joan Barton did an incredible job designing and building our kitchen from the ground up.  She was professional, attentive, knowledgeable and saved us both time and money.  Additionally, we were continually impressed with the level of skill and professionalism of each of her crews.  She brought our project in on budget and on time and it is high quality as well as visually stunning. With confidence, I would feel comfortable recommending Joan to anyone based on our outstanding experience."

KB, Hollywood Hills

"As a personal practice, I do not write letters of recommendation or provide testimonials.  I will volunteer to be a reference on a case-by-case instance if I feel strongly that the requestor merits my efforts. Having said that, it is with utter glee that I write you about Joan Barton.  I’ve known her professionally, then personally and then professionally for over 5 years.  

My design partner found about Joan from a close friend.  We all worked together on a prospective client woefully naïve about what it took to renovate a home in Los Angeles.  We hit it off from the handshake.  I found her approach, knowledge and work-style completely compatible with our project and thought processes—it was almost embarrassing… Although the project was never awarded (bummer because the house was amazing), we liked each other enough to stay in touch and share ideas and industry insights.

Last July, I reached out to Joan in a professional context because I was ready to begin a renovation project at my home in Silver Lake.  The experience I had with her and her curated team makes me want to remodel more of my house and then buy another house and start all over. 

I work in Program Management at the executive level so it is my job to understand inherently how to run a project.  Joan does too.  As a result, the project was completely mapped out with appropriate flexibility, resources and priorities before the first tile was purchased. I can tell you officially that the rule of thumb for contractors about doubling the price and time is an urban legend when you work with Joan.  My project finished early and was over budget by $287 (and that was my fault—I wanted better handles.)

I hold Joan in the highest esteem."

JH, Silverlake


We met Joan by luck. We weren’t really looking for this type of a relationship since we had heard so many horror stories about this type of arrangement. We ran into her when she was doing some fine interior carpentry for our neighbors across the street who lived in an old house like us. Joan was gregarious, sharp, laughed at my stupid jokes and seemed like she knew what she was doing. And how could you go wrong with an outfit called Dirty Girl Construction? We decided to take the plunge.

We live in a 4000 square foot Craftsman built in 1909. It is a very special house and we wanted someone very special to work on it. We feared contractors, especially since we had never heard of anyone who had had a good experience. Our parents had warned us about contractors. But, we had a feeling about Joan so we went head first into the relationship ignoring conventional wisdom and betrothed ourselves, our house and our finances to this Dirty Girl. 

Well, we have never had such a rewarding relationship: We saw each other practically every day, talked all the time and never really had any disagreements. Joan did an excellent job. Joan was at our house practically every day for six months making sure her crew was here and doing what they needed to do and that things were getting done the way she wanted them done. She took on our major job that required replacing all of the wood rot; new roof, new decks, new beams. She had her craftsmen imitate the “Greene and Greene” style of the house and treated our precious darling as if it were her own. In the process she even added a master bathroom remodel.

Joan is a woman of many skills. She has the eye of an artist and the mind of a professional and most important, is a woman of her word. We highly recommend Joan if you want someone who has a very high work ethic, does excellent work, will not desert you and will fit right into your family (if you want).

KS & GB, Los Angeles