The Welcoming Community

Welcome to the new Dirty Girl Construction, Inc website and thank you for your patience while we were undergoing a remodel! It has been a wonderful journey putting all of this together and I truly could not have done it without the dedicated and amazing team that surrounded and supported (and occasionally laughed at, cursed at, and rolled their eyes at) me as we actualized this new space. 

As much as my life is about service, it is just as much about community and the bringing together of individuals to create and substantiate. Dirty Girl Construction was founded in the same vein and, in keeping with that intention, I built the DGC website to broaden and unite my current communities.  Additionally, I want to encourage an open exchange of ideas and information as they apply to the construction and design industries, and I’ll do my best to cover your questions and hot topics each month in the blog.

During 2014, DGC will be traveling abroad, as well as working locally.  The year is shaping up as an interesting union with several collectives within the Arts community, and I am very excited to share these experiences and builds with you as they develop.  Look for updates on this in May!

Until next time, please enjoy one of Dirty Girl Construction's "Construction Art" photos —


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