Pulling the Rabbit

I'm a fan of maximizing space, both seen and unseen. This stems from years of living in a 400 square foot bungalow with my then-husband and multiple pets. I learned to store vertically and create spaces within the voids. While I design and build all types of space-saving and space-creating ideas - such as bookshelves inside of wall framing and wine storage underneath a flight of stairs, complete with a floating pull-out tasting & pour table - one of my favorite projects was installing a custom tub below the floor. Being that the bathroom wasn't big enough for every fixture and storage one typically needs, this became the only way to give my client everything he wanted without knocking down walls. I think I enjoyed this best simply because it completely disappeared. Magic makes me "ooh" and "aah," not only because I'm still a kid at heart, but because I love trying to figure out how things work. Had I been into hydraulics at the time, I think I would have designed the tub to function something like this carport below. A great use of space, it is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. And it makes me go "ooh" and "aah."