I'm part of an online group in Los Angeles that is comprised of women (sorry guys - go back to your mancaves) whose aim is to collaborate, inspire and support one another. Most of us - in some fashion - are artistes, though our mediums are vast. Many of us own and operate businesses, and others work with cool and interesting new companies. In cruising around my group members' websites, I came across something that caught my eye... being that I am a fan of buildings, both large and small and teeny-weeny.

We are all, by now, familiar with the different house-swapping, couch-surfing and castle-crashing websites available to us when traveling. Well, as I was doing my daily look-see, I came across something I hadn't seen before. Hovels. Hovels, you say? Yes, indeed, I do! Hovels! First attracted by the actual buildings available for rent, I was also intrigued by the target market: students abroad. 

Great for those of you who have kids studying away from home, as well as those of you who may have some extra room to rent, and starting for as little as $7.00/night and capping off at $99.00/night, there are some really interesting - and oftentimes quirky - places to reside. Aptly named "hovel stay," as some of them truly aren't more than an incredibly cute lean-to at the edge of a volcano, I am enchanted by this brilliant twist on housing.

I mean, who wouldn't want to stay in a mushroom-cap mud hut for a semester?

Check out http://hovelstay.com for more information.