(Elvis) Summer Homes

A tiny home built by Elvis Summers for Irene McGhee

A tiny home built by Elvis Summers for Irene McGhee

After spending some time yesterday looking at a project in the Trousdale Estates, my boyfriend and I discussed how many displaced people those homes could accommodate. We figured the entire unsheltered population of Venice could fit into one of the estates we drove past on Schulyer Road. Because, really, who needs a 80,000 SF house? What do you do with that much space? Perhaps roller-skate around naked, singing songs from Rent, whilst eating persimmons? I do not know.

Admittedly, as a builder and an artisan, I am astounded by the beautiful craftsmanship and architecture I see throughout Los Angeles. The time and energy put into creating a home that is also a piece of art is both inspiring and breathtaking. However, as a human being who is hypersensitive to the plight of my fellows, I am often saddened by the enormity of space and resources that go into creating these structures. 

I am well-known, and often admonished, for hauling unused materials (what we call "scrap") back to the warehouse. But we use it. We always use it. When Dirty Girl converted a crack house in Venice into a viable 3-unit apartment building, we used it all. When we get calls to do pro bono work, we use it. When someone needs a bit of something we have laying around, we use it. So I save it, with the hope that I will someday have somewhere to use it.

I've felt like I've had nothing to post lately, and we've been so incredibly busy with work, I really haven't made the time. Then I saw a video clip that inspired me, yet again, to make the time.

Elvis Summers - neighbor and friend, man with a hammer. He's awesome! Irene McGhee, mother, grandmother, beautiful soul - she's awesome! We hope we can help in our own little way with some resources and manpower, if he needs us. I have offered as much this morning after seeing the clip below. I hope this inspires some of you to take a minute to help out, whether it be with this effort, or with someone in your own neighborhood who needs a hand. The video and crowd funding links are below.

So, take a few minutes to feel good today by watching this:


And then take a few seconds to do something good today by clicking on this:


Your community thanks you!