When Lighting Strikes You

When I was a little girl, my sister and I shared a room with Colonial floral-patterned wallpaper, matching canopy beds draped in starched tulle, and her imaginary friends – Hodo, Mucca, and Francie. They lived in the wall next to her bed. I envied their late night conversations and secrets. Recently, I recalled all of this when I came across a cute and sturdy upcycled little robot of a lamp on the interwebs. The Lampster. He’s like a buddy for your desk, or perhaps the bedside table. I imagine him having a cup of tea with me while I bid plan sets, or watching late-night reruns of Family Feud together. My sister recently informed me that Hodo, Mucca, and Francie currently reside in the attic next to her bedroom. I believe her. I mean, where else would they live now that she’s married with children? And I’m quite sure, given the right circumstances, my lamp would shout with glee every number one answer to “survey says!”

It’s always nice to have a friend to talk to who lights up your life a bit. 


It's also nice that this wallpaper is not on my bedroom walls.