The Ripple Effect


I started my career nearly two decades ago. I was very alone (although not lonely!) at that time, but it has never bothered me. In fact, it has inspired me to be the best I can be. To pay homage to those who came before me, attention to those who stand beside me, and pave the proverbial road for those who might come after me — this has been my honor and my pleasure.

I am beyond the moon to know that what I am doing and how I walk in this world has created a ripple large enough to be noticed. Honestly, to me, I’ve just been putting my boots on and doing what I do but, with time, I have also come to recognize that what I am doing matters and that, with that, there comes a responsibility to stand up, speak out, shed light and carry on.

This weekend, I stand with several other women across the country who swim in the same pool as I do. Thank you to Maile Pingel for creating a space for us to share our stories and ourselves.

If you are interested in the article, please look for us on the cover of Washington Post Magazine.

Yeah… that’s right… the cover. 😊 

(P.S. Photo credit to Maile… I snapped this from her Instagram page!)