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With business quintupling in the past two years, I have tirelessly managed to maintain the quality of care that Dirty Girl Construction clients have come to know, but at the expense of having a life. So, after a decade of running DGC day-to-day operations by myself, 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, I have finally given into the notions of 1. hiring more talented people to help me run the corporate side of the corporation and 2. taking a break every once in a while. Aside from the fact that my best friend said he would unfriend me on FB if I didn't hire someone, it was simply time to expand again.

Therefore, in the spirit of better service and self-care, I am thrilled to announce that I have hired (craftily pilfered) another amazing team-member — Daniel Turner — thus creating a solid bridge between Field Superintendent — Greg Vignolle — and myself, and also allowing both Greg and me a well-deserved return to normalcy.

Taking on the role of Operations Manager for DGC, Daniel's transition into the company has been seamless. His presence has allowed me more time to develop the DGC Design Team division, as well as bring the corporation, as a whole, into better position for our 2015-2016 builds.

As we head into Fall/Winter 2014, which has become one of our busiest seasons in the past five years, I am beyond thankful that Dan has joined DGC. Two-thirds of the way through our Culver City project, we also broke ground simultaneously in Venice, Sherman Oaks, West Hollywood and Silverlake last week. With another six new projects currently in design phase — spanning from Venice to West LA, Brentwood to the Bird Streets, and Downtown to Pasadena — I am happy to have another strong and dedicated individual helping the DGC team navigate the many facets of the construction world and preserve the character and standards of Dirty Girl Construction.

Daniel Turner:

Greg Vignolle:

Joan Barton: is currently at taking a spa day.