Deconstructing Donations

Dirty Girl Construction donates to charity throughout the year to different organizations. This year our donations went to the Venice Family Clinic; the LA Mission; Avon Walk for Breast Cancer; numerous school fundraisers in support of better education, sport programs and the arts; The Greg Hill Foundation; Camp Calumet; the Child Neurology Foundation. While those are all monetary donations, we also donate our time, knowledge and excess or deconstruction materials to various organizations throughout Greater Los Angeles, such as Montessori Schools and Habitat for Humanity.

In an ongoing effort to reduce construction waste, and as a reminder for those of you who are getting ready for a home project, PLEASE do not throw away what you are taking out of your house without taking a look at this list to see what you can donate from your deconstruction. 

Habitat for Humanity accepts the following:

  • Air Conditioning & Heating Units, Appliances (under 6 yrs old)
  • Major Appliances including: cooktop, sink, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, dryer, oven, range, stove (should be under 6 yrs old; must be working and in no need of repair; slight dents/scratches are OK)
  • Bathroom sink, hot water heaters, tub, shower, bath sink, towel rack, heating unit
  • Bed frames
  • Used bicycles and old bikes
  • Brick & Block (building blocks need to be palletized; free of cement/mortar)
  • Kitchen sink and Bathroom Cabinets, linens, towel, countertop, 
  • Flooring, rugs, wood floors
  • Roofing materials, shingles, roof tiles
  • Interior and Exterior (Raised Panel) Doors
  • Furniture you can donate: armoire, artwork, chair, couch, curtains, sofa, door, dresser, (no significant stains, wear or tears. 
  • Hardware and home decor
  • Lumber rough boards and uncut wood (no scrap lumber)
  • Exercise equipment
  • Tile (floor: minimum quantity of 20 sq. ft.; counter: minimum quantity of 10 sq. ft.) 
  • Trim & Moulding
  • Windows & Coverings, shutters, outdoor trim
  • Plumbing & Piping
  • Lighting & Electrical
  • Outdoor Living, pavers, brick walkways, concrete stones,
  • Various Home Decor
  • Unique & Vintage Items
  • Working electronics & E-Waste: stereo, speakers, computers, laptops, ipods, cell phones, TV, computer monitors, printers.
  • Full cabinetry (cabinets with backs on them - kitchen, bath, etc)
  • Wood or vinyl windows with dual-glazing (no aluminum)

Other organizations, such as Montessori, churches, retirement homes, halfway houses, etc, accept much of the above, as well as:

  • Paint (non-toxic, water-based)
  • Textiles
  • Fabric
  • Art supplies
  • Computers and other electronic equipment
  • Clothing
  • Writing supplies
  • Musical instruments

If you have questions about where to or how to donate, feel free to contact us so we can be of service to you.  Thank you for your support in helping us to help others!