Baby, It's Cold Outside

I'm sitting in my office wearing two sweaters, a wool hat and heavy socks, wrapped in a blanket. I've got the heat on. It'll probably snow soon and we will be stuck in our house rationing food until the plows come through...

...that is, if the temperature drops another 22°.

I'm such a baby.

I'm not entirely sure when my blood became so thin, but I would venture to guess somewhere around year-2 of living in Southern California. A few years lazing around endless miles of beach during winter and letting the sun soak into your skin will do that to you. No worries though because I'm a huge fan of coats, and a girl can never have enough winter coats!

We're headed back to the East Coast in about three weeks. We've lucked out for several years in a row now, with temperatures being in the 50s and 60s during Christmas. I have a photo of us standing barefoot, me in a tank top, in my brother's back yard last year because, for some reason, 60° in Boston will always feel much warmer than 60° in Los Angeles. I'm sure science has an explanation. I'll just blame it on endless cups of eggnog being an excellent thickener.

We're hitting a few different cities this year during our holiday travels, so Dan went online looking for places to stay. He found a really cool place to chill out (link below and pun intended). I'm game, as long as I can find the proper coat!