The Wall of Fail

Architect, engineer, builder, designer, decorator: no matter your expertise, the idea is to create, and the goal is, often times, to create something new, never-before-seen and breathtaking.

But that doesn’t always mean the idea is going to be great.

Or even good.

And, unlike the ugly holiday sweater craze, you cannot take a poorly finished house off at the end of the night and store it away until next season. You have to actually live in it.

We’ve had some interesting moments in 2016, but the monstrosity below was a wonder to behold… long enough to take a photo anyway. And then we set about demolishing this obvious DIY-er before the hobbits who live inside of it grabbed us by our boots and secreted us away between the boulders until we could be hung by the chimney with care come Christmas.

Taking center-stage on The Wall of Fail this year is (drum roll)… Lava the Huh?

Wonderland Avenue Before Photo

Wonderland Avenue Before Photo

…and, for additional holiday pleasure, some other attempts that surely belong pinned up beside it.