Built in 1955 among the oaks of Laurel Canyon, the existing property was a dark mishmash of indiscriminate add-ons, doors that led nowhere, low ceilings, shadowed rooms and uncaptured territory. With our clients relocating from Iceland to Los Angeles in four short months, imagining and implementing this full-scale remodel was an intense study in both space planning and passive daylighting. By modernizing the existing structure and capturing dead space previously lost to the less ambitious, DGC actualized an enchanting home that feels as much like a cozy cabin during the winter months as it does a bright summer getaway during LA’s warmer climes. Along with new windows and doors, kitchen and bathrooms, office, laundry, flooring, fireplace and custom built-ins, DGC upgraded the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, waterproofing, insulation and roof to serve this home for many enjoyable years to come.